Resources on Sexual Harassment and Assault

With reports of sexual harassment and assault dominating headlines, we’ve received a number of requests for resources on the topic. Here are a few that we’ve found most helpful so far:

  • If your organization does not have an official policy in place, you can work from the sample policy here. The key components: have a clearly outlined reporting process, don’t create an undue burden for reporting, establish zero tolerance for retaliation, and don’t include threats of consequence for “unsubstantiated claims” (which perpetuate the narrative of false reporting).
  • A blog post on practical ways to interrupt harassment as it occurs and creating a culture where speaking out is the norm is here (this is particularly key if you have power in terms of your position, race, gender, etc. – don’t leave it to those who are on the receiving end of harassment).
  • An article about the marginalized voices, particularly women of color, being left out of the #MeToo conversation is here.
  • A piece about effective management response to harassment reports, using trainings effectively, and setting cultural norms is here.
  • An article outlining the ways in which leadership structures and practices can lead to or prevent harassment – including the importance of having more women in leadership – is here.