Recommended (non-TMC) COVID-19 Resources

Check back here for regular updates on helpful external reads and resources we’ve come across during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tip: Use the keyboard shortcut “Control/Command+F” to search for what you need with keywords. Looking for disability-related resources? Try searching “disabilities.” Need tips on remote management? Use “remote” as a key search word.

Newsletter – May 20, 2020

As states are lifting restrictions, are you wondering how to handle a potential reopening? Here are some resources:

Newsletter – May 6, 2020

This week, we’re bringing you a resource round-up on grief. Here are some readings on how to cope personally, how to support a colleague experiencing it, and what to do if you lose someone on your team:

Newsletter – April 23, 2020

  • How to Lead When You’re Afraid — This article includes concrete, actionable tips for showing up as a leader. Here are a few favorites: do a self-check-in, create spaciousness by reprioritizing (more on that here!), and communicate in three categories (what you know for sure, what you predict, what you’re uncertain about).
  • People Leader Resilience Playbook: How to lead in the midst of uncertainty — This resource has great advice about mental and emotional health. Some highlights:
    ideas for building resilience at the team level, tips for anxiety reduction for individuals, and an “Emotion Audit and Coping Plan” chart.
  • How to Build a “Psychological First Aid Kit” — Yes, we found management advice in a magazine for outdoor recreationists. Here are some ideas we found helpful: reflecting on the principles of the “psychological first aid kit” (“safety, calm, connection, efficacy, and hope”) and weaving those into your management, and helping others as the antidote to scarcity and fear.
  • Weathering the Emotional Storms of a Crisis — A Tactical Guide for Individual Contributors and Managers — This read (with comics!) about emotional self-care includes advice for individuals to work through emotions, and tactical tips for managers such as fostering team connection while giving people space, reducing anxiety in communicating with your team, and navigating stress associated with re-orienting your work.

Newsletter – April 7, 2020

  • This People Leader Resilience Playbook is chock full of tips, including a section on resilience and anxiety reduction and one on making difficult decisions (like layoffs and pay cuts).
  • Our friends at Promise54 got real about being radically human, protecting their financial sustainability, and interrupting white dominant culture habits in their decision-making in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The folks at the Fakequity blog shared 33 questions (with racial equity implications) for prepping for the next disaster. You can also treat these as reflection questions for how you’re handling this current one.

Newsletter – March 30, 2020

Newsletter – March 23, 2020

Newsletter – March 13, 2020