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Being the Owner

This handout will walk you through how to be an outstanding owner of your work -- someone who's truly responsible for the success of your realm.

Toward a New Kind of Progressive Organization?

CEO Jerry Hauser discusses the extremes of both tyrant-led organizations and touchy-feely ones, and describes the rise of leaders and organizations capable of getting and sustaining results by marrying rigor and accountability with openness and empowerment.

Meeting Structures

This template will help you think about how to best structure your regular meetings and decision-making bodies.

Retention Chart

Taking just 60 seconds to think through your strategy for retaining your top performers can make the difference between keeping a star staff member long-term or losing her to another opportunity.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews with a departing employee can be a valuable source of information about what’s working well and what could be improved. Here are some questions to ask.

Modes of Decision-Making

Being transparent about how decisions will get made often gets better outcomes with more engaged participants. Here's one potential decision-making framework to share within teams.

Budget Decisions Framework

If you’re facing tough financial decisions, this simple worksheet can help you capture sound contingency plans for moving forward.

Board Accountability Form

This form is designed to help board members remain accountable to each other and the organization they serve by providing a structured reflection on each board member’s contributions.

Pros-Cons-Mitigations Tool

Engage your team in tough decision-making using this simple table.

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