Newsletter – October 30, 2019

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Don’t take the work back!

Hi friends,

Congrats! You’re a manager, which means you’re responsible for getting work done through others. Effective delegation is the key to this. However, if you are like many managers, you might end up taking back work you’ve delegated as soon as your team member gets stuck, wants help, or turns in a draft that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Now you are on the line for the next step(s) on that project. That’s what we call the delegation boomerang.

The delegation boomerang is incredibly common. We’ve all done it. We’re human, and we like being helpful, or hate seeing people suffer, or know we could do it better ourselves (and, to be honest, it would just be easier). Regardless of your motivations—or the fact that your staff member may (really!) appreciate the help—the delegation boomerang can seriously undermine the work, your team, and you in the long-term.

Check out our latest article to learn more about:

  • How to recognize the kinds of situations that bring out your delegation boomerang impulse,
  • The consequences of taking back work from your team members, and
  • How to help your team members move forward without taking the project back and doing it yourself.

Then, read through the delegation boomerang FAQ to help you decide whether or not to take the work back.

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