Newsletter – November 28, 2018

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How to manage without formal authority

Hi friends,

In our trainings, we talk a lot about managing staff that you directly supervise and managing “up” (to your manager), but in reality, a lot of work is done by managing sideways to your peers, especially if your organization is non-hierarchical or you’re working on complex projects that span across teams. For this week’s newsletter, we’re bringing back an article from the archives: How to Manage Work Without Formal Authority. In this piece, we answer the following reader question:

Managing staff members is hard enough, but at least the roles are clear! What about when you have to manage work and don’t have formal authority over the people doing it? I tend to just let them know what I need and then hope for the best. Is there another way?

The short answer: make sure they understand the importance of the work, communicate clearly and often, and push through the awkwardness. The longer answer includes five tips and scripts! Check out the full article here.

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