Newsletter – May 22, 2019

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Get on board with effective onboarding!

Hi friends,

Congratulations on your new hire! Your next task is to support that promising new employee so they can be the superstar you’ve been waiting for. Research shows that employees who receive effective onboarding are more likely to stay with their organization for longer than three years, and are more engaged and productive. Studies also show that poor onboarding can increase the risk of employee turnover and reduce productivity.

We like to think of onboarding as akin to “grafting,” where plants are joined so as to continue their growth together. Onboarding is the best opportunity you have to set expectations with your new hire, and acclimate them to their new job quickly and smoothly.

This week, we’re bringing you part one of our Onboarding Series. Check out 4 tips for effective new hire onboarding to streamline your onboarding efforts and make it an easier lift.

Training Spotlight: Education Sector & School Leadership

School and school systems leaders have unique roles as managers in their buildings, districts, and organizations, with distinct challenges and opportunities as people managers and movers of the work. That’s why we’ve designed a 2-day training course that tailors our management best practices and strategies to the work happening in schools and school districts across the country. Led by practitioners and leaders in the field of education, this training will provide you with management tools to achieve large-scale impact for children, adults, and schools. These trainings are ideal for principals, principal managers, operations leaders, and chief officers in districts and networks of schools.

School Leader Manager Trainings:

  • July 10-11, Los Angeles: Managing to Change the World for School Leadership
  • July 23-24, New York City: Managing to Change the World for School Leadership

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