Newsletter – March 13, 2019

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In praise of… praise!

Hi friends!

Praise can feel like icing on the cake. That’s why it’s often one of the first things to fall off a busy manager’s plate. Let’s talk about how to be a sincere and thoughtful giver of praise, and why praise matters.

For starters, praise isn’t just icing; it is a key ingredient for developing and retaining staff. Positive reinforcement done well can take relationships, performance, and engagement to the next level. When other people direct our attention to our own strengths or moments of excellence, it helps us learn even better than when we focus on our weaknesses.

In our introduction of CSAW (Connect, Share, Ask, and Wrap up), our framework for giving feedback, we talked about how to give corrective feedback to someone you manage. In Part Two of our feedback series, we talk about the difference between praise and acknowledgment, key points to touch on when using CSAW for praise, and tips on how to make sure it happens. Check out the full article.

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