Newsletter – June 7, 2018

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Equity rationale, managing defensiveness, and more!

Dear Friends,

Ready to celebrate the end of your fiscal year, or the beginning of summer with some riveting management reads? This month, our offerings include a new piece on equity rationales, an oldie but goodie about managing a defensive staff member, and special announcements from a couple of our friends.


Jerry Hauser and Monna Wong

Stuff You Can Use

Equity Rationale: Why You Need One, and How To Get Started

Are you trying to make more moves on equity and inclusion within your organization? Check out our latest piece, which might help you tackle one small piece of the process. We discuss equity rationales — what they are, why they’re important, and some suggestions for getting started.

Check it out.

Why Great Employees Leave “Great Cultures”

Has culture become a hot topic at your organization? Do you feel like you know what it is, but can’t pin it down? This piece from HBR outlines the three elements of culture and how they can interact with your organization’s values to form a great culture that keeps people around.

Read it here.

Blast From the Past

How to Give Feedback to a Defensive Staff Member 

Ahhh, defensiveness… great for the NBA playoffs, terrible for management. If you’ve been working to build a great feedback culture on your team, defensiveness can feel like the ultimate wrench in your plans. In this piece, we offer a roadmap for addressing the behavior, including scripts!

Check out the article.

Management Mavens

Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture

The fine folks at Equity in the Center of ProInspire recently released Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race Equity Culture, a thorough and instructive publication about moving from a dominant organizational culture to a Race Equity Culture. If you’re looking to advance race equity efforts within your organization, you should definitely check it out!

Read it here.

Upcoming Training

Managing on a political campaign? Attend this one-day crash course!

In July, The Management Action Center (our sister organization) will be hosting a one-day course for managers working in a progressive political campaign context. Whether you’re a campaign manager or a regional field director, managing on a candidate campaign, ballot measure, or independent expenditure, if you’re managing a team toward a win on election day, this training is for you!

Managing to Win Campaigns: 1-Day Crash Course

  • Date: July 12, 2018, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
  • Location: The Management Center, Washington, DC
  • Cost: $200 per person

Click here to learn more and apply!

Management Book Club

Managing on a political campaign? Attend this one-day crash course!

Our own Alison Green (co-author of Managing to Change the World) wrote a new book! It’s called Ask a Manager: Clueless Colleagues, Lunch-Stealing Bosses, and the Rest of Your Life at Work, and it’s all about how to speak up effectively at work. It covers how to talk to employees when you’re the boss — everything from talking to an employee who seems unhappy to what to say when you realize you made a wrong decision to asking your staff not to buy you holiday gifts — as well as how to talk to your own boss and your coworkers.

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