Newsletter – June 5, 2019

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Turn that onboarding wish list into a checklist

Hi friends,

Imagine your new hire walks into the office on Day 1, and no one’s remembered to order them their laptop. Or, they couldn’t sign up for an important training on time because no one told them about it. Misses like these are not a good look, and definitely don’t set up your new team member to hit the ground running!

To avoid mishaps like this, we’re bringing you Part Two of our Onboarding Series. Read on to learn how to overcome onboarding chaos with a checklist, by focusing on four key elements:

  1. Assign a clear owner.
  2. Focus on the “why.”
  3. Allow for customization.
  4. Make sure the checklist is being used.

Then, check out our sample onboarding checklist and get started on your own.

Are there other activities that you’ve found valuable in onboarding new hires? Take a minute to let us know. And, in case you missed Part One of our Onboarding Series, here are 4 tips for effective new hire onboarding.

Training Spotlight: Education Sector & School Leadership

Through our work in the education sector, we’ve found that managers who identify as people of color and/or indigenous often face unique issues within their organizations while navigating the intersections of race, class, gender, and other identities. We’ve designed a two-day management training course to create a space to discuss and offer support around the challenges of being a manager of color in education-focused organizations, and to share practices that can help managers of color thrive.

Beginning in Fall 2019, we have the following open-registration people of color and indigenous training cohort for education sector leaders and managers who have already attended a 2-Day TMC Managing to Change the World training.

People of Color & Indigenous Cohorts for Ed Sector Managers:

  • October 9-10, Washington, DC: Managing to Change the World, 201 Ed-Sector Edition

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