Newsletter – February 27, 2019

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Give more (and better) feedback with CSAW

Hi friends!

Google “feedback is a gift” and you’ll find enough quotes to fill a high school yearbook. While skeptics might disagree, there’s no denying it: providing direct feedback is one of the most powerful tools managers have for developing staff. In the first part of our feedback series, we’re helping you give better feedback.

Does giving feedback feel like going to the dentist (awkward and stressful, with a whole lot of mess flying out of your mouth)? Like visiting the dentist, you know that giving and receiving feedback is a good thing, but you keep putting it off and do it way less than you should.

We can help you do it consistently and (possibly) with a lot less stress with a simple framework! Give more and better feedback with CSAW:

 ✦  Connect over a shared value

👀  Share a specific observation

💬  Ask questions

   Wrap up with next steps

You can use CSAW with staff you manage, with your manager, and with peers or collaborators. You can also use it for positive reinforcement as well as developmental and corrective feedback. Check out our full article on using CSAW to give corrective feedback to someone you manage.

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