Newsletter – February 13, 2019

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Running to standstill on hiring? We have an idea…

Hi friends!

Been overwhelmed lately with all those open positions staring you in the face? Are senior leaders spending lots of time on pool-building and interviewing, but still feel like the organization is not closing hiring gaps quickly with high-quality candidates?

You are not alone! Several of our clients are in the same place, and it’s not for lack of effort. To get over the hiring hump, we’re proposing a practical solution that could help change the game on talent:

Make it someone’s job. Find a “Hiring Superstar” whose job it is to help you hire superstars. This is the person—the Head of Hiring—who wakes up every single day obsessed with making sure roles are filled with rockstars and that you’ve got an ample supply of people, both internally and externally, at the ready for future needs.

Here are some simple dos and don’ts for finding your Head of Hiring:

  • DO carve out dedicated time and capacity from someone senior (but not your ED! They won’t realistically have the time) who can really focus on hiring and help bring in high-quality hires.
  • DON’T assume that the Head of Hiring has to be a full-time position—it could be 25% of someone’s job. The important thing is that there is someone whose job it is to fill open positions with the right people.
  • DO make sure the person you assign it to is great at building relationships with candidates and connectors, and would bring a strong equity and inclusion lens to the hiring process.
  • DON’T think having a Head of Hiring means managers are abdicating their role in hiring. Think of the Head of Hiring as a catalyst who will supercharge and focus everyone’s effort by building pools for specific roles, crafting interview questions and simulations, training managers in the art of interviewing, and ensuring the hiring process runs like a well-oiled machine.

Check out the full article on how to find your own hiring superstar. 

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