Newsletter – December 18, 2019

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Your go-to management tools of 2019

Hi friends!

Here at TMC, we’re quite proud of what we accomplished in 2019. We supported nearly 400 organizations and 15,000 individuals through training and coaching, revamped our Management Workouts, launched a new Managing Projects training (check back in January for new training dates!), and hosted our first-ever People of Color & Indigenous Cohort for leaders in the educational equity sector.

But enough about us—let’s talk about your TMC year-in-review! Curious about which management resources you and other readers used the most this year?

Your favorite newsletter of 2019 was about fair process decision-making. You engaged the most with our 4 tips for effective new hire onboarding article. And, here are the top 5 most popular tools and articles you used in 2019:

  1. Check-in Meetings—Sample Agenda: This agenda template is structured to help staff members and managers check in on progress toward goals, stay aligned on current projects, talk about what’s going well and what could be going better, and get aligned on next steps.
  2. Assigning Responsibilities with MOCHA: Try our “MOCHA” model (Manager, Owner, Consulted, Helper, Approver) to articulate who should play what role throughout the course of work.
  3. SMARTIE Goals Worksheet: Make sure your goals have an equity and inclusion component by using this SMARTIE goals worksheet.
  4. Rejection Email Samples (also our most popular tool of the decade!): The fastest way to inform candidates that they are no longer under consideration is by having a standard email template that you can easily adapt.
  5. Sample Email to Kick Off Goal-Setting: Ready to kick off the goal-setting process with your team? Here’s a sample email that you can use to explain what you’ll be doing and why, and how you’ll use the goals once they’re created.

In 2020, we can’t wait to keep bringing you and other social justice leaders fresh management content, so you can build effective organizations and turn good intentions into even better results. Look out for our first newsletter of the new decade in January!


Your 2020 Topics & Themes of Interest
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