Newsletter – August 7, 2019

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Get ready to PARTNER up!

Hi friends,

Press pause
Ask questions
Tie together
New paths are possible
Examine how it went
Remember the iceberg

In our last newsletter about DICEY feedback (related to diversity, inclusion, culture, equity, or you), we talked about icebergs—where a seemingly simple problem is attached to a much larger issue. It’s natural (and, in many cases, easier) to focus on resolving the first layer of the iceberg—the presenting conflict. But, at a minimum, managers should dig for underlying and relational issues. Why? Because focusing on the presenting conflict puts you at great risk of missing the forest for the trees. At best, you resolve what you think the problem is, but the real problem might rear its head again later on (and at that point, it might have gotten even worse). At worst, you cause long-term damage to your relationship and your results.

How can you avoid this? Learn how to receive input on DICEY issues by PARTNERing on the iceberg. Then, check out an example of how the scenario from our last newsletter (in which you’re the field director and your field organizer shares some tough feedback) might play out using PARTNER.

This is Part Five of our feedback series. Review the first four here: CSAW framework for corrective feedback, how to give better praise, our best feedback tips, and how to spot DICEY feedback.

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