Newsletter – February 27, 2018

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Testing whether people “get it,” asking about salary, and more!

Dear Friends,

If you start noticing that these newsletters are funnier than ever, it’s because they are now being brought to you by Monna, our new VP of Special Projects … with a tiny bit of help from Jerry. (Here’s your cheat sheet: Dad joke? Jerry. Undeniably clever pop culture references? Monna!)

Between Lunar New Year and the long-awaited premiere of Black Panther, it’s safe to say that 2018 is finally REALLY underway. We can’t all have vibranium-weave suits and heart-shaped herb to aid in our fight against injustice (and really, it’s better that way), but this month, we offer you some management tools to super-charge your work: a brand-new hiring resource, a useful tip on discussing salary during a hiring process, and an inspiring interview with civil rights activist Tarana Burke.


Jerry Hauser and Monna Wong

Stuff You Can Use

3 Ways to Test Whether Your Potential Hire “Gets It”

You can call it cultural competence, cultural humility, having a social justice lens, or wokeness … whatever it is, let’s say that you know the ability to understand and navigate issues of identity, power, and privilege is a must-have for your new hire. What now? Here are our top three ways to actually test for it.

Check it out.

How to Ask About Salary (Without Asking About Salary History)

As part of the effort to slay the demons of gender and racial wage inequality, some U.S. jurisdictions have banned the practice of asking job candidates for salary histories. How do you make sure, though, that you’re not too far down the road before discussing salary? This piece from Fistful of Talent shares one approach (with scripts!) for talking about compensation with a potential hire.

Read it here.

Blast From the Past

How to Push Without Pushing People’s Buttons

As we’re nearing the end of the first quarter, now is a good time for managers to check in on benchmarks … and maybe give an extra little push where needed. Whether you need to give a nudge on deadlines, quality, or ideas, we have some questions you can ask to lead the conversation.

Check out the article.

Management Mavens

Interview with Tarana Burke

Want to close out Black History Month with some inspiration? Check out this interview with civil rights activist Tarana Burke, who shares (among many things!) her ideas about healing from trauma, the importance of transparency in the workplace, and how she laid off a staff person without being a jerk.

Read it here.

Save the Dates: Upcoming Webinars!

In light of the #MeToo movement, is your organization thinking more about how to prevent and address sexual harassment issues? In April, we’ll be presenting a free one-hour webinar for nonprofit leaders by our friends at Ramona Strategies, who will share some concrete tools and guidelines for moving forward.

Stay tuned for more details, and save whichever of these dates works best for you:

  • Tuesday, 4/17 5-6pm EST
  • Wednesday, 4/18 3-4pm EST
  • Tuesday, 4/24 2-3pm EST

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